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NEW MSBase research article published in Multiple Sclerosis journal

Congratulations to Adam Fambiatos, Vilija Jokubaitis and the MSBase collaborators for their recent publication in the Multiple Sclerosis journal:

Risk of secondary progressive multiple sclerosis: A longitudinal study

Research highlights contained within.

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ECTRIMS 2019 - MSBase presentations

MSBase is pleased to announce a total of 14 accepted abstracts for presentation at ECTRIMS in Stockholm this year.

This is an excellent contribution from the MSBase collaboration. Congratulations to all involved!

Lead authors and research details are contained within...

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An Informative review about MSBase recently published in Multiple Sclerosis Journal

Congratulations to Tomas Kalincik and Helmut Butzkueven for their recent review article highlighting the significant contribution of the MSBase Registry collaboration and its impact on Multiple Sclerosis management:

The MSBase registry: Informing clinical practice.

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MSBase research published in JAMA: Congratulations Will Brown, Tomas Kalincik & the MSBase Investigators

Congratulations to Will Brown, Tomas Kalincik and the MSBase investigators for their recent JAMA publication:

Association of Initial Disease-Modifying Therapy with later conversion to Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

Research highlights contained within.

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