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Free international online Registry for MS researchers

Overview of MSBase Registry

MSBase is an ongoing, longitudinal, strictly observational registry open to all practicing neurologists and their healthcare team. A collaboration between participating physicians, the MSBase Registry is a unique international database dedicated to sharing, tracking and evaluating outcomes data in Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The MSBase registry is ideally suited to clinical outcomes research at a global level as well as the development of regional, multi-centre registries. The overall objective is to support investigators worldwide through its unique web interface, to improve the quality of care of patients with MS.

A few stats about MSBase

  • 51291 patient records
  • 362 members
  • 248 clinics
  • 73 countries
  • 41 sub-studies


Behind MSBase Registry

MSBase Foundation

The MSBase Registry is owned and operated by the MSBase Foundation Ltd, a not-for-profit health related charity which is incorporated in Melbourne, Australia. The Foundation seeks sponsorship from Industry, Government and other granting bodies.


scientific leadership group (SLG)

The SLG provides scientific assistance, makes recommendations and acts as custodian of the data accumulated in the MSBase registry


Thinking about joining ?

MSBase Investigator

  • Practising neurologists can become a Principal Investigator so you can participate in or conduct research studies with neurologists within your country and worldwide.
  • The PI's team (doctors, nurses, fellows, administration staff) can request investigator membership.

MSBase Friend

  • As an MSBase Friend you will receive our periodic newsletters, be informed of new research projects initiated within the registry and notified of our research findings and publications.

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